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MBJ has experience and skills across multiple platforms and coding disciplines. Whether you need a straightforward html site or a fully integrated mobile database solution, we have all the resources to deliver your project.

Front end coding, mobile application development, database and API solutions form the bulk of our projects and we pride ourselves in being able to find innovative development solutions for any idea.

We believe that the best design process is one that involves the client and therefore we interact with you and your ideas throughout the design stages of your project.

Typically we will begin with collecting design inspirations (with your help). We will then start creating wireframes, design sketches and then ultimately construct the final design work.

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People don’t share facts, they share emotions.
Oxford University Research, Social Media

Facebook is widely recognised as one of the most popular social network sites used for social as well as business networking. Data from Facebook itself indicated that by the end of 2013 there were a total of 1.23 billion active users across the globe, with 757 million logging on a day, on average. By anyone’s standards, this is an enormous volume of people and a potentially inexhaustible shop window. Research by Pew Research Centre indicates that on average each individual Facebook user has 338 friends, so that when one person undertakes any activity including liking a business page, 337 others will immediately be informed. This type of viral networking has major advantages for the business user.

With the 2014 demographic report from iStrategy Labs, it is shown that the age demographic of users is becoming older, indicating that 6.7 million users aged 13 to 24 years old have left Facebook since 2011. Despite this, the overall number of users has increased dramatically, showing that social networking is becoming more the domain of older adults with potentially greater disposable income. This trend is a clear indication that Facebook, once used almost entirely for social purposes, is one not to be discounted for business use. With accounts and account usage being free, this social networking opportunity is not just desirable – it is essential.


Twitter is one of the main competitors for Facebook, with Twitter itself stating that it has approximately 500 million tweets a day (although this figure was released in mid 2013 and is now likely to be considerably higher). Recent evidence indicates that Twitter is rapidly catching up with the social marketing leader Facebook and has now achieved the magic billion users and over 36 million visits per month. Those who use Twitter do so very regularly, with evidence to suggest that 46% of Twitter account holders visit Twitter at least once a day and will be actively tweeting their own information and following the information from others. On average, each user has 208 followers and again this shows the power of advertising and engaging with even a small number of people through this medium. Working on the basis of small snippets of conversation, this social networking medium is an excellent way to have long term and regular contact with a large number of followers.


One of the relative newcomers to the world of social media, LinkedIn has taken the marketing and online communications by storm. In its first month in May 2003, LinkedIn attracted 4,500 users; by the 1st May 2014, this was 300 million and growing at a rate of 2 users per second. LinkedIn works much more with the concept of communication and allowing professionals or individuals with similar interests to link and to form groups. With 200 group conversations happening every minute, this shows how easily a LinkedIn profile can give access to a range of people with a specific type of interest or thought pattern to engage with each other, both as consumers and businesses.


Not always considered to be a social networking tool, but rather a method of uploading videos, YouTube has often been overlooked by marketing opportunists. However, the recent statistics suggest that this may be a mistaken position. YouTube was only created back in 2005, yet within 9 years it has established a global reach with over 1 billion unique visits every month and a total of 100 hours worth of videos being uploaded every minute of every day. YouTube uses its platform as a real opportunity for advertising, with over a million advertisers using the platform on a regular basis. With more than 4 billion videos being viewed daily, the opportunities are there for businesses to either upload their own videos or to include advertising as part of the pre-amble for other uploaded videos. With mobile media also extending the reach of these videos substantially and 40% of the YouTube videos being watched through a mobile device, this again offers companies the chance to engage with a much broader audience and to gain the attention of those who would not traditionally be receptive to more mainstream advertising methods.