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Most business owners are just too busy building and growing their companies to worry about taking care of and constantly updating their own websites.

At MBJ we take care of a website’s design, development, and management.

We go far beyond creating tailor-made sites for businesses. We work like your personal IT team, empowering your company online by managing your website’s performance, generating insightful web reports, and carrying out security checks and upgrades to make sure your online storefront always perfectly reflects what you do. We’re helping businesses go digital.

For SMEs, this is a game-changer.


“When we founded MBJ, the idea was to provide companies digital and social media consulting. Quickly we realised that there was a need for high-quality digital products at a lower, more manageable price-point. So many small and medium-sized enterprises have been left behind, without the know-how to manage their own website or the financial capital needed to hire often overpriced agencies. Our mission was clear: we’re helping businesses go digital.”

Julian Baladurage
Co-Founder & CEO

Our team


    Julian has lived everywhere and has such an extensive network that he could be mayor of the world. When he isn’t busy spoiling his employees with bowling nights, fresh fruit baskets, gym boot camps, or flying around the world, he is brainstorming about MBJ`s future and his own Apps.

      TONI HORNCo-Founder

      Toni has a passion for finance and tech, which he brings together as the puppet master of the company’s operations. As a frequent visitor of Portobello Road, he can be found at the market, pubs or eating a Berlin Döner. He also loves long walks in Hyde Park with his Shiba Inu.

        MICHELLE LATERMANExecutive Director - London

        Michelle is an architect, designer, strategist, skier, and Nutella addict. A fast-talking compulsive organiser, she takes great pleasure from crossing items off her long, color-coded to-do lists. Her life goal is to sunbathe on every beach and ski every slope in the world.

          FELIPE MIRANDABusiness Intelligence

          Felipe is a trained martial artist who is fascinated by numbers and business stories. As a typical Ecuadorian, he is a very passionate person and brings this into every aspect of his life. He can usually be found inspiring his fellow coworkers with Elon Musk quotes.

          • CHRIS NOBBS
            CHRIS NOBBSDirector Of Partnerships

            Chris is a strategist and all-around people lover. His work has taken him across Europe giving him a diverse range of skills and languages. Networking and building relationships are his forte. Initially based in MBJ’s London office, Chris now calls Berlin his home.

            • JARYD FISHER
              JARYD FISHERExecutive Director – Chicago

              Jaryd was born in South Africa but considers himself a citizen of the world. His passions lie in concept development, business planning, and financial forecasting. As a burger connoisseur, his life’s goal is to discover the world’s best burger. The search continues…

              • DEVON FISHER
                DEVON FISHERAssociate Director

                Devon contentiously believes the U.S. makes better beers than Germany. He’s a wiz in the kitchen with a background in classical French cooking and a flair for baking savoury scones. Whenever he can he scouts out new restaurants and scrupulously examines their craft beer list.

                • CHRIS HLAVA
                  CHRIS HLAVAAssociate Director

                  Chris is a passionate world traveller and keen seeker of new experiences. Originally from Vienna, Austria, he moved to LA to pursue that good ol’ “American Dream”. He spends most of his time away from the office enjoying a rousing round of golf or discovering new restaurants and cuisines.

                  • MAHMOOD AL SA’BARI
                    MAHMOOD AL SA’BARIHead Of Digital Strategy

                    Mahmood loves crawl reports, keyword research and starting conversations from thin air. Raised in Utrecht, he developed into a coffee aficionado. He loves to bore his colleagues about the different altitudes where coffee grows and he can do so in four languages.

                    • LISA BALADURAGE
                      LISA BALADURAGEProject Manager

                      Lisa is super active and determined. From her projects, to her gym session lunch breaks, she always goes the extra mile in everything she does. Imported from Germany, she combines quality and high standards with an unforeseen good humour.

                      • VIVIANA YAKER
                        VIVIANA YAKERUI/UX Designer

                        Viviana is a passionate graphic designer from Colombia, who loves going around the city taking photographs when the grim London weather allows it. When out and about, she’s always searching for a new secret veggie spot around East London.

                        • MIKE LE
                          MIKE LEProcess Engineer

                          Mike is a process engineer with front-end development experience under his belt. Born in Slovakia, raised in the Czech Republic with Vietnamese roots his hobbies are eclectic including basketball, piano and investigating the workings of tech stuff.

                          • JONAS BESSER
                            JONAS BESSERCustomer Happiness Engineer

                            Jonas has a background in psychology, which gives him a deep insight into the human psyche that enables him to read his co-workers’ minds. In his free time, he likes to study the combined effects of fine cuisines and a dainty glass of whisky.

                            • DAN BROOME
                              DAN BROOMEWeb Designer

                              Dan is a web designer with a knack for creative problem solving. Having come from the English countryside, he gets his inspiration by exploring new places in London. Music is a big part of his life and he enjoys concerts and collecting vinyl records.

                              • JULIA WANCKEL
                                JULIA WANCKELCustomer Happiness Engineer

                                Julia is a typical German. She’s a team player that needs a plan, thrives when organised, and relishes in catching the occasional spelling mistake. Her love for peanut butter is unrivalled, making her the ultimate ‘Naschkatze’.

                                • LUIS HERMOSILLA
                                  LUIS HERMOSILLAWeb Designer

                                  Luis is a Spanish industrial design engineer with a passion for web design, photography, and trains. As an amateur photographer and nature lover, he spends his spare time exploring roads on his motorbike or listening to black metal.

                                  • KRISTIN SUCHANEK
                                    KRISTIN SUCHANEKExecutive Assistant

                                    Kristin is one of those rare true Berliner natives. She is a natural troubleshooter with a flair for kickboxing. While she’s a fan of whole foods, she can’t deny she’s at her happiest balancing a box of fried ‘Bitterballen’ riding her bike through the streets of Amsterdam.

                                    • Oscar Lanzendorf
                                      Oscar LanzendorfResearch Analyst

                                      Oscar has a background in marketing, music and the start-up world. An entrepreneur himself, he is highly passionate and enthusiastic about his own work. In his free time when not in the office, he enjoys going on adventures, being creative and challenging himself.

                                      • DANA RAILEANU
                                        DANA RAILEANUSales Executive

                                        Dana is an electronic music fanatic, travel enthusiast, and chocolate addict. A self-proclaimed nerd, she loves to read, watch movies, and belt out songs at karaoke bars. She is a staunch lover of her country and can often be found raving about Romanian cuisine to her friends.

                                        • AMINA MIAH
                                          AMINA MIAHSales Associate

                                          Amina is a natural-born talker, negotiator, and rapport builder. With over 10 years of sales experience under her belt, this pro loves a new experience. When not chatting up a lead, she’s rock climbing, riding her bike, or knitting—which she finds quite therapeutic.

                                          • TEJINDER SOOR
                                            TEJINDER SOORSales Associate

                                            Tejinder has a background in sales and customer service, but his hobbies extend far beyond the office. He is a trainer fanatic with a knack for cooking. This travel buff has a passion for exploring new places and has a goal of visiting every sunny beach in the world.

                                            • Dominik Karl
                                              Dominik KarlSales Associate

                                              Dominik is a gregarious talker with a background in sports sciences. A passionate tennis, hockey and football coach, this people person is well versed in travel and languages with a particular soft spot for South America and Latin languages.

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