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What happens if I want to buy myself out of my contract?

No problem! We have a buyout option. The prices are based on the length and type of your website subscription. If you have been with us for two years or more, your buyout price is £1500. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our buyout option.

Why would I want a subscription instead of buying the website from the start?

Buying just a website upfront is expensive. Then there are the costs and hassles associated with all the hosting, changes, updates, security, etc. The MBJ subscription model offers a professionally designed hassle-free website at a low monthly cost that covers everything from design to development, ongoing hosting, maintenance and changes, updates, website health checks, SEO optimisation and yearly face-lifts to make sure your website is always up to date and looking its very best.

What are the benefits of this solution for myself and my business?

We will be your IT partners. We will recommend new changes to your website, based on technology developments available in the market and industry analysis done by MBJ team.

What if I want to upgrade from WaaS to WaaS+?

You can upgrade your contract from WaaS to WaaS+ at any time if you keep the same contract length or more. The only exception is if you have a WaaS 2 year contract, and if you have gone through 12 months of your contract, you can upgrade to WaaS+ 1 year. Your contract will start again from month 0 when you upgrade.

What exactly will I get when I sign up for a website with MBJ?

When you sign up for an MBJ website plan you don’t just get a professionally designed, developed and managed website, you get a dedicated IT team that works with you every step of the way. From the moment you sign up, you are assigned a dedicated project manager and a team of designers that work to create—or fine tune—your branding and website.

You keep your team! Once your site is live, you’ll have two weeks free to test the look and feel before your subscription begins. Once your subscription starts, you will be assigned an account manager that handles all requested changes, questions or issues relating to your site.

What does ongoing maintenance include?

The maintenance included in your contract give you an unlimited number of changes to your website per month that should not exceed 50% of the monthly fee. We guarantee a 24-hour response rate from our team.

What are the acceptable changes included in my contract?

The unlimited changes include the following:

o    Change an image or text

o    Add an image or text

o    Remove an image or text

o    Publish a blog or news article

o    Add an item to your portfolio

o    Add any integration from our list of supported partners (for more information, please visit Plans page)

Can I make any other changes on my website not covered by my contract?

Yes! For any extra changes, you can send us a change request email, and we’ll reply with an individual quote for the change, at which time you can decide whether you want to proceed.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?

Your Account Manager will always be your point of contact. They are most familiar with your website and can take care of any concerns or issues that might arise.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, one of the most advanced and secure cloud servers out there.

What are the advantages of AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world’s largest and most secure cloud hosting provider. Through AWS, MBJ provides a safe environment to host your website that is flexible, reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

How do I know that my data, website and emails are secure?

AWS has some of the most sophisticated security measures in place for data protection and security on the cloud. Just a few of the measures in place include broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in-transit, hardware security modules and strong physical security. All these aspects contribute to a more secure way to manage your business’ IT infrastructure.

In which country is my data stored?

We use AWS’s data centre in Ireland.

What is a DNS record?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is responsible for pointing your domain to the server, where your website is hosted and facilitates your email traffic.

Who buys my domain?

You purchase your domain and provide us the login details (email user name and passowrd) to adjust the DNS records.

What if I already have my own domain?

If you already have your own domain, we need to point your domain to your new website. For this it is very important that you provide us with your login details (email username and password).

How much does a domain cost?

Domain cost can vary from £3 to £1000 or more, depending on the one you choose.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the procedure to optimise your website to increase its organic placement on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The ultimate goal is for your website to be one of the top results in searches. In simple terms: SEO is the process of improving aspects of your website to increase the volume and quality of the viewers finding your site through online searches.

Why is SEO so important?

Google has sophisticated algorithms that it uses to rank websites when a person types in a search term or phrase on the Google homepage. Websites not optimised for SEO are penalised, and will, therefore, rank lower and be found less often when someone searches for their keywords.

What is the difference between on-site and off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO is the process of increasing your website’s ranking and authority through techniques and tactics that are separate to your website. A couple of the most important are: building relevant links from external websites back to your own and increased social media activity through a coherent strategy. Google considers these highly relevant when indexing websites following a search and are, therefore, a critical element of any effective SEO strategy.

On-site SEO is the process of making your website appealing to search engines when crawling the web. It entails work to both the front facing elements of the site as well as the back end. On-site work includes things such as: adding keywords to URLs, title tags & meta descriptions, the optimising of all images & content and SEO friendly URL structure.

What kind of SEO does MBJ provide?

All our websites are fully SEO ready with keyword implementations and meta descriptions. Our SEO service on WaaS+ also includes off-site backlink building.

What is an SEO ready website?

An SEO ready website is a site that has incorporated all the latest search engine crawling techniques and standards such as indexed content, keyword optimisation, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. This allows Google’s algorithms to effectively crawl your website and understand what it is about, and thus drive relevant users onto it. The algorithms change on a regular basis and websites that do not keep up to date are penalised and lose their rank on search pages.

What is Backlink building?

Backlinks are incoming links from one web page to another. Google and other search engines rank websites according to the number, and especially the quality, of links from other websites to your website. So therefore, backlink building is the process of generating relevant backlinks from highly ranked websites directing traffic back to your
own website.

This is a key factor that influences how search engines crawl, and list websites. In the past, websites could undertake certain tactics such as buying large volumes of backline and other “black-hat” techniques, however, Google is in the process of implementing algorithms that heavily punish websites that have used such measures.

Will MBJ rank me to number 1 on Google search?

Getting ranked number 1 on Google is very dependent on the key words that you choose to focus on. For example, your business name is more likely to be ranked number 1, while a general keyword, such as your industry, is much harder to rank for.

How do I know which keywords to choose?

We will identify the five best keywords for your business and work on ranking for you.

Will I also be ranked on Bing and Yahoo?


How do I know if my SEO ranking is improving?

We will send you monthly performance reports that clearly break down and illustrate your SEO performance.

What is Organic Traffic?

This traffic is defined as visitor(s) directed from a search engine, such as Google or Bing.

What is an Average Session?

The duration or time spent on average per website session. This metric is significant since it displays how long visitors interact with a website.

What are Organic Keywords?

These are the number of different keywords a target website or URL is ranking for in the top 100 organic search results on a search engine, such as Google or Bing.

What are Clicks on Google?

These are the number of clicks from a Google search results page that landed or directed a user onto your website.

What about Impressions on Google?

Impressions are the number of times a URL from your site appeared in a search engine user’s search results. This does not include paid AdWords search impressions.

What exactly are Visitors?

Visitors are defined as the number of visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.

What are Mobile Visitors?

The percentage of visitors that visit your site on a mobile device or tablet.

How do I know that MBJ will massively increase their prices after my contract is up?

We always guarantee that once you have signed on, your monthly repayments will not increase for the first two years. After that, we guarantee prices will not increase more than 10% for the following two years.

We are here to foster and build long-term relationships with our partners, not to create unhappy clients.

What happens if I change my credit card?

You can call or email your Account Manager to provide them your new details. If for any reason you don’t do that, it’s ok. If we’re unable to process your monthly payment, you will receive an email prompting you to send your new details. It is important you answer this email within two weeks of receiving it in order to avoid having your website taken offline.

What happens after my subscription ends?

We will automatically renew your subscription unless instructed to do otherwise by you. Alternatively, you can request to change or upgrade your plan 30 days prior to the renewal date.

How can I provide my VAT number after having signed up?

You can call your Account Manager and inform him your VAT number. After this, the
monthly charges will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I pay for additional charges such as extra changes or my domain?

These additional charges will be a one-off payment added to your monthly bill.

What is a CDN?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network, which is a system of distributed servers (or networks) located all over the world that deliver web pages and other web content to users based on their geographic location, web page origin, and a content delivery server.

The CDN is useful in speeding up the delivery of content to websites with global reach and high traffic. As a browser loads static content, this request is automatically routed to a server located closest to the browser, making the content load faster and preventing the site from being overloaded, since the traffic is spread out over many servers.

How much CDN is included in my WaaS package?

Your plan includes 25GB.

What happens if I go over the CDN included in my WaaS plan?

After 25GB, we charge £0.15/GB.

How many monthly visitors to my website are included in my WaaS plan?

Your WaaS plan includes 25,000 visitors to your website a month.