5 Rules for Successful Social Media Advertising

Organic reach on social media only gets you so far. Your posts are likely to reach only a small portion of the people who follow you, unless you’re willing to pay for more exposure. Mastering social media advertising is essential if you want your brand to get its message out not only to your existing followers but to new people too. Take a look at our tips for successful social media advertising to make the most of it.

1. Know Your Platform (and Audience)

Before you pay for any advertising on social media platforms, you need to get to know the platform you’re using. If you’ve already used a platform for organic engagement, you should have an idea of the basics. But now you need to be familiar with your advertising options and what works best on each platform. What advertising methods and content will attract your audience on Facebook and what will have success on Twitter or Instagram?

5 Rules for Successful Social Media Advertising

2. Use Audience Targeting

To make the money you spend on social media advertising go as far as possible, you need to target the right people. It would be a waste to advertise to people who don’t care about what you have to offer. To reach your audience, you need to use the tools that social media platforms offer you as part of their advertising tools. You should be able to target people using various categories, from location to interests.

3. Improve Your Quality Score

Social media platforms tend to have some sort of quality score for your keywords or ads. On Google Adwords it’s a Quality Score, but it’s called Relevancy Score on Facebook and Quality Adjusted Bid on Twitter. The higher your score, the higher the number of ad impressions you’ll get for your budget. More engagement for your Facebook and Twitter posts means a better quality score for your ads.

4. Post the Most Attractive Content

Of course, if you want to improve engagement with your posts, you have to give people things that they’re interested in. Using the right content for your ads is an important part of getting social media advertising right. So, what is your audience looking for? Do they want funny videos or informative white papers? Are they looking for a solution to a sticky problem? You need to show them that you can provide value if they follow you or buy your products or services.

5 Rules for Successful Social Media Advertising

5. Use Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting helps you to capture those people who visit your site, but might not convert, as well as those who are already your customers. With remarketing, you can specifically show these people your ads and tempt them back to your website. You know that these people have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer them. Remarketing is especially useful for promoting offers and encouraging sign-ups.


Using social media is vital for brands today. If you want to get more from it, you can’t miss out on the advertising opportunities. Master your use of social media advertising to get the attention you need.