Creating a Killer Facebook Business Page

Social media can form a big part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s free to get started with setting up your profiles and pages, and there are always paid options if you need some extra help promoting your brand. Setting up your social media presence is the first step to reaching out to your audience, and on Facebook that means creating a Facebook Business Page. This page is designed for businesses to stand out, with special features that a personal profile won’t give you. You need to make the most of your page if you want it to be successful, which means paying attention to a few key elements.

Provide All Essential Info

It’s always best to start with the basics. If you leave holes in your business page, it’s not going to look very impressive. So it’s crucial that you go over all of the available places to input information and put in your essential facts. Don’t leave your website blank or forget to fill in your About section. You have several chances to enhance your brand image and give visitors to your page a good idea about who you are. Include information like your mission statement or milestones in the growth of your business.

Creating a Killer Facebook Business Page

Choose Quality Images

Making your page as visual as possible will make it more attractive. People have short attention spans when they’re online, so you need to be able to catch their eye. The profile image and cover image are your two key opportunities to make your page look beautiful when people visit it, as well as when it’s shared and when you comment on other people’s posts using your Facebook Business Page. Choose images that represent your brand, and make sure you get the dimensions right too. Your profile image will display at 170×170 pixels on computers, or 128×128 on smartphones. The cover image is 851×315 for desktop or 640×360 for mobile.

Use Call to Action Buttons

Your page should help to direct people to your products or services, which is why it’s important to include a call to action wherever appropriate. Facebook allows you to add CTA buttons directly on your page for a few different actions. For example, you can add a “Book Now” button for accommodation or dining businesses. You can add buttons that allow people to contact you via Messenger, email, phone or your website, buy your products, or even start ordering food.

Creating a Killer Facebook Business Page

Vary Your Content

When you start posting on your Facebook Business Page, there are several things you need to do to ensure your posts are getting enough attention. But one of the most important things you should do is make sure that you vary the content you post. Text posts have their place, but ensuring you have a visual page with images and videos will put you in a better position. They’re also ideal to use for promoted posts and for ads if you want to get people’s attention.

Get your business page off to a good start by taking every opportunity to build your brand image and promote it. Use the tools available to you to improve your page’s performance, and get help if you need it.