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The New Scene for African Startups

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The continent of Africa has recently awoken from a dormant period of untouched business. The scene for African Startups has improved as it entered the mobile tech landscape as an emerging market and a potential goldmine for tech investors. The countries of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are slowly creeping into the modern tech landscape. The continent is home to PesaPal, a Kenyan company often given the moniker “Africa’s PayPal”. Similar to PayPal, PesaPal’s consumers are able to shop, pay bills, and buy mobile phone credit. Historically, Africa has been plagued by disease, war, and corruption. These negative aspects have allowed social good enterprises to enter the Africa market. With the help of skilled strategic bloggers and engineering experts, Nairobi-based startup Ushahdi developed crowdsource data to gather further information about post-election violence in Kenya in 2008. Today, the startup has evolved into a non-profit technology company, used by individuals and companies alike to fight for social good in 100+ countries around the globe.

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