WaaS Compared to Your Other Website Options

WaaS (website as a service) is just one of the options you might come across when you’re researching how to build your new website. Of course, we think it’s the best choice if you want a successful site and the assurance that everything will be taken care of. But how does is stack up to your other website options, such as using a website builder or buying a website as a product that you then manage on your own? Website as a service allows you to focus on running your business, while someone else does the legwork of maintaining your website.

Getting the Right Support

Being able to access the support you need for your website is crucial if you want it to work well. You don’t have time to learn all the technical skills that go into making a site work, and you often don’t even have the option to fix problems yourself. If something goes wrong, you need to know that there’s someone on the end of the phone, email or even chat application who can sort out the problem as soon as possible.

WaaS is all about managing everything for you, so you don’t have to be an IT manager for your business. Without WaaS, you’ll often need to try and get hold of your hosting provider or one of several other customer service options, or you’ll need to try and work it out yourself.

WaaS Compared to Your Other Website Options

Improvement for Your Website

Your website isn’t a static product. It needs to continue to change and evolve, both so you can keep up with technical advancements and so your business can continue to stand out. If you choose to manage your own website, this is all left up to you or an employee. It’s a time-consuming task, with everything from security updates to regular blog posts requiring your attention. These various tasks can all be outsourced to different people or delegated to employees, if you have enough of them, or you could leave them all up to one single service. It’s only with WaaS that you can get all you need to continually improve your website.

WaaS Compared to Your Other Website Options

Optimized Site

Optimizing your site for mobile devices and a range of different browsers is a priority for any modern website. Mastering this aspect of site design and management can be tough if you’re going it alone. Using a website builder might give you the option to create a separate mobile site or perhaps a responsive design, but the quality of the tools on offer can vary. If you have a developer create a new site for you, they can ensure your design is optimized – at least, when they give it to you. Staying up to date often requires help. WaaS can give you the assistance you need, ensuring your site is optimized for mobile and keeping it updated too.

Several things might influence how you choose to build and manage your website, including your budget and how much time you have available. Ask us about what WaaS can do for you to help make your decision easier.